Meeting point

At 9.00 a.m. in front of the reception, we will be back at about 5:00 p.m. During the day we will have some adequate breakes, in order to admire the beautiful landscapes and to listen to the guide's reports.

Minimum number of partecipants: 4, maximum number: 20


The first 8 partecipants will have the possibility to reach the start location with our Bus.
Once the seats on the bus are all reserved, you will have to reach the start with your own car.
According to the current regulations it may be mandatory to wear a FFP2 mask in our Bus.

Distance from the camp-site to the locations:

Verbania Fondotoce - Formazza Valdo
75 Km, 70 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - Formazza Riale
83 Km, 80 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - San Bernardo (Val Bognanco)
56 Km, 65 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - Macugnaga Monte Rosa
57 Km, 60 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - Parco Alpe Devero
67 Km, 65 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - Cheggio (Parco Valle Antrona)
57 Km, 75 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - Antrona piana (Parco Valle Antrona)
52 Km, 60 minutes
Verbania Fondotoce - entrance to Parco Val Grande
15 - 25 Km, (20 or 35 minutes)
Verbania Fondotoce - Mottarone
20 - 30 Km, (30 or 45 minutes)


Type E (excursionistic): good health and training are necessary, the hiking tours have no technical difficulties.

Hikings usually will vary altitudes between 1600 and 2000 metres, according to the tour and taken paths.


Hiking cloths and shoes, suitable to the season; no flip flops, windjacket, warm fleece, long trousers, hat, sun glasses and cream, water and snacks for all day.


Lunch or tasting in a typical and characteristic restaurant, at fixed and good prices (to be paid on spot). Or Your own packed lunch.

In case of bad weather

The hiking will take place in safe conditions, our guide will in case may vary the path or the tour, according to the weather conditions. He will organise an alternative tour, also very interesting. In case you won't partecipate, the paid amount will not be refund.

In case of bad weather we will have lunch in a typical restaurant, at fixed prices.

Prices 2024

€ 10,00 per person

The excursion has to be paid at the reception, at latest before 5:00 p.m. on the day before the excursion.

Excursions 2024

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is more than a hiking in the woods. An experiential excursion in the woods, without any hurry, observing the colors of nature, breathing the scents of nature and getting benefits from the atmosphere.

Date of excursion
06/08/2024 - 01/10/2024

Gold basin

Motta Aurelio is a wide basin with glacial origins and it is reachable through ancient paths run by different generations of shepards belonging to different villages. Each itinery takes to green woods, walking through mountain alps and abandoned pastures. We will enjoy fascinating panoramic views overlooking the lakes and the wild Val Grande...

Date of excursion
- 30/07/2024 - 10/09/2024

The history of stones

These hikings give us the possibility to observe the environment with different eyes. We look at the beaufitual landscape around us, but only only: we will also discover the beautiful world under our feet and the long and fascinating evolution of our territory.

Date of excursion
- 17/09/2024

The Alpine Lakes in the natural preserve Ossola

Guided excursions to suggestive mountain lakes and larch forests of the Ossola Valley, walking through mountain pastures and flowering alpine meadows. You will be enchanted by the breathtaking mountains scenery of the closest Switzerland border, enjoying natural settings, tradition and culture.

Date of excursion
- 16/07/2024

Along the shepherds' paths

Day excursions to high mountain pastures which for centuries had been the destination of the seasonal migration of livestock. We will experience the life of shepherds, observing and taking part to the mil-making process and to the animals care. Lunch with local specialties like polenta and products of the alps.

Date of excursion
- 21/07/2024 - 27/08/2024

Macugnaga on the glacier of Monte Rosa

Hike in the heart of the Wildlife Oasis of Macugnaga, a special protection area for deer, chamois, ibex, marmots and eagles. An enchanting natural landscape, almost fairy-tale, enhanced by wood and stone buildings of the Walser people. At the bottom of the stunning wall of Monte Rosa, you will walk on the Belvedere’s glacier, reaching the Lago...

Date of excursion
- 20/08/2024

Val Grande: the paths of effort

Panoramic excursions between lakes and mountains surrounding the National Park Val Grande, where you can discover the mountain culture that has developed in the past centuries in this extremely inhospitable and difficult part of the Alps. The tour gives you the possibility to retrace just a small part of Val Grande; you will walk on paths where...

Date of excursion
- 25/07/2024 - 13/08/2024 - 03/09/2024 - 24/09/2024